Harvey Weinstein was acquitted in one sexual offence – 24 Channel

Гарві Вайнштейна виправдали в одному сексуальному злочині - 24 Канал

With controversial film producer Harvey Weinstein took one of the three allegations of sexual abuse. The case concerns actress Lucia Evans, which stated that Weinstein forced her to have oral sex in 2004, in his office.

This is reported by The Guardian.

After allegations Actresses, counsel for Weinstein submitted to the court evidence of his innocence of sexual harassment, and after investigation the Prosecutor’s office in new York have removed with producer Harvey one of the charges.

Producer lawyer Benjamin Brafman insists that after the closing of this case Lucia Evans should be prosecuted for false testimony.

I should add that the other two allegations Harvey Weinstein is also related to sexual harassment. Two women, whose faces are not known, accused the producer in forcing one of them to perform sexual acts in 2006 and raping another in 2013. The case is still being investigated.

Гарві Вайнштейна виправдали в одному сексуальному злочині - 24 Канал
Harvey Weinstein and his victim of sexual harassment

The essence of the scandal with Harvey Weinstein?A sex scandal with a Hollywood producer broke out in the 2017th. More than a hundred women have vinually Weinstein’s harassment. After the publicity in the United States began a large-scale campaign against sexual violence. Weinstein formally charged, though only the three crimes of a sexual nature. And soon thereafter was released on bail of one million dollars. The producer at all times during any denies his guilt.

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