Has been 90 years since the birth of the Creator of the trilogy of Buttermilk Vladimir Popov

Исполнилось 90 лет со дня рождения создателя трилогии о Простоквашино Владимира Попова

Today, June 5 marks 90 years since the birth of the outstanding Director, artist and screenwriter of animated film by Vladimir Popov. He was the co-Director of cartoons on touching bear cub Umka and directed the original trilogy of Buttermilk, said the press service of “Soyuzmultfilm”.

The future master was born on 5 June 1930 in Moscow. At the age of 22 years came to the “Soyuzmultfilm” as a student and for several years worked as a renderer and animator. During this period he formed a creative Alliance with the multiplier Mr Baker.

From 1960 began to try hand as a Director, initially in conjunction with the Baker. Their debut was supposed to be the story in the first issue of the satirical animation journal “the Woodpecker”, which was prepared by the Director and artist Evgeny Migunov. However, Migunova was suspended from work on the magazine and the first issue of “Cartoon Crocodile” (or shorter MUK – became known as a journal) priests and the Baker set independently with the participation of a third co-author – Lev pozdneeva. Subsequently, the Duo were sharing and other tapes at the Studio “Soyuzmultfilm”, including “First on stage”, “it Happened in the winter” – and, of course, the legendary “Umka” and “Umka looking for a friend”. Cartoons about a white bear fell in love with the audience throughout the country, many phrases from it have become winged, but the lullaby bear many times reprinted in different media in collections of the best of children’s songs.

Vladimir Popov was a great artist and stylist. In the duet with Mr Baker as art Director he played “first violin”. Tended to use a variety of unconventional paths that brought variety to the visual approach of his paintings. Many young and adult fans of the audioplay Popov was known as the designer of recognizable covers for the record label “Melody”.

In addition, he has collaborated with the famous satirical newsreel “Wick” as a Director and a production designer. He created stories “Virus of indifference”, “own peril”, “Men and women” and many others.

From 1975 the master began to remove the cartoons as a Director independently. So there was a “Bobby visiting Barbosa”, “the adventures of Vasya Kurolesov,” and “Sherlock Holmes”. And three of the legendary cartoon about Prostokvashino: “Three from Buttermilk”, “Vacation in Prostokvashino” and “Winter in Prostokvashino”. They are distinguished by a strong literary basis, charismatic characters, high-quality drawing and voices of famous actors. Trilogy watched and watched, probably, all children of the USSR, and then Russia.

Co-authors Popova for many years was the production designers Levon Khachatryan, Nikolay Erykalov, Arkady Sher and composer Evgenie Krylatov.

Vladimir Ivanovich died on 1 April 1987, not having to make a fourth film about Buttermilk. His work will remain forever in the Golden Fund of Russian animation.

By the way, the continuing adventures of the restless Prostokvashino – new episode, “Buttermilk”, filmed close to the style of the original trilogy, liked the modern audience. The series is in the top 5 most popular cartoons on television in 2019, according to research by Mediascope.

Исполнилось 90 лет со дня рождения создателя трилогии о Простоквашино Владимира Попова