Has impersonated a COP. The inhabitant of Nikolaev gave the swindler 70 thousand hryvnias

Представился полицейским. Жительница Николаева отдала мошеннику 70 тысяч гривен

On April 11 at about 18:45 to the Central police Department the inhabitant of Nikolaev addressed with the message that his mother was the victim of fraud.

According to the victim, she was called unknown, who introduced himself as a police officer and reported that allegedly the applicant’s son is in the police station for committing a crime and need to pay a certain amount of money, otherwise he will be prosecuted. Without hesitation, the woman agreed to all the conditions and after a time her house came unknown, to whom the old lady gave 70 thousand hryvnias. Only after she called the son and learned that he was all right.

The investigative office of the Central Department of police initiated criminal proceedings on signs of part 1 of article 190 of the criminal code “Fraud” which sanction prescribes punishment from a penalty before restriction of freedom for up to three years.

Investigations are continuing.

– Dear citizens! The police once again warns – be careful when implementing cash calculations with strangers, especially if it involves sale and purchase of goods via the Internet or over the phone. If you still become victims of fraudulent schemes, please contact the nearest police station or call “102”, added the police.

Previously the resourceful pensioner the Sum of the cheated cheater.