“Has suspended all programs”: a Conspiracy called Nibiru was responsible for the crash on the “Union”

Adherents of conspiracy theory explained why NASA and the Russian space Agency suspends vital for the science program.

«Приостановили все программы»: Конспирологи назвали Нибиру виновной в аварии на «Союзе»

Conspiracy theorists do not consider abrupt halt operation of space objects and research laboratories random. Recall that the accident with the crew of the spacecraft “Soyuz MS-10” was preceded by several other large-scale events in the world of space exploration. So, closed to “check” a few observatories in Central America, the main of which was in new Mexico. After that connection failed to recover any of the Mars Rover spacecraft, even a little later in safe mode switched x-ray space Observatory Chandra and the Hubble space telescope suffered a major mechanical failure – he also went into safe mode due to a malfunction in the orientation system.


«Приостановили все программы»: Конспирологи назвали Нибиру виновной в аварии на «Союзе»

Cosmonaut Sergei Prokopiev shared photos of the time of the accident “Soyuz MS-10”

Located on the ISS Russian cosmonaut captured the decisive seconds of the ill-fated launch of “Soyuz MS-10”, when the ship is already “crossed” the threshold of outer space.

All large-scale suspension of research programs has occurred within three months. At the same time, observers on Earth every day increasingly fixed misbehaviour of heaven and the inception of the object, which is called “Nibiru”. Conspiracy theorists concluded that the suspended program or otherwise interacted with the Sun. Amateur astronomers have suggested that threat changes the trajectory of Nibiru, which will be between the spacecraft and the Sun. So people will be able to hide her presence, besides, cutting off a star, Nibiru will cause irreparable harm to the observatories.

The accident at the “Union” was unplanned. However, it could be caused by the energy radiated by Planet X, say conspiracy theorists. Earlier Sergey Prokopiev said that after separation from the launch vehicle, the spacecraft disappeared, which is rather strange, since “Union” is already out of Earth’s atmosphere.

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