Haste makes waste: why the Samsung Galaxy Fold still on sale

Поспешишь – людей насмешишь: почему смартфон Samsung Galaxy Fold все еще не поступил в продажу

Samsung unveiled a flexible smartphone Galaxy Fold in February, however, the product never went on sale and no one knows when will arrive. The head of the mobile division of the South Korean company Dong Jin Ko made an official statement about the delay of the release.

Why the smartphone is still not on sale? In an interview with journalists of The Independent President of Samsung Electronics admitted that a new model came on the market “before they were brought to readiness”.

In the result, the retail debut of new items was postponed due to issues found in construction.

It was an uncomfortable situation. I pushed it in sale before he was ready. I admit that I missed something, but we are now recovering. Now more than 2,000 devices are tested in all aspects, including those which we have not even thought of. Mass testing is ongoing
said Dong Jin Ko.

When can we expect the release of the smartphone? Asked by journalists about at least approximate the date of receipt of Galaxy Fold the head of the mobile division, the South Korean vendor could not answer.


According to him, the company needs “a little longer” for final completion of pre-release testing of flexible devices.

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