Hats off: Didenko gave hope to Ukrainians, winter retreats

Шапки долой: Диденко дала надежду украинцам, зима отступает

Though the majority of Ukrainians during the quarantine, forced to sit at home and watch the weather moods only from the window of his apartment, yet the sun’s rays more delight the eye than stubborn pessimism and gloomy weather. What to expect from the Ukrainians nature Thursday, April 2, said forecaster Natalia Didenko on his page in facebook.

The noise of the cold wind and looming clouds that I see outside the window of Ukrainian citizens in the near future should be replaced by softer conditions, which will dictate the battle of the anticyclone Keywan cyclones that Pauline Olivia, which occurs over Northern Europe. The result of this struggle, the Atlantic cyclone will lose its strength and will weaken, says forecaster Didenko.

These cyclones can finally block access to the Arctic air to our country and will lead to a change in the wind direction: it changed from North to West, and, in the end, in the South – West airflow. The nearest night in the Ukraine will still be quite cold, and sometimes late frost, but the next day will be much warmer.

Natalia Didenko said that the second day of April will be marked by dry and Sunny weather almost all regions of Ukraine. While the night the air temperature will remain at the level of 1-5 degrees Celsius, but the sun can heat the air up to 8-13 degrees above zero.

The weather in the capital of Ukraine on April 2 promises to be at +10 degrees Celsius, but before that Kiev is waiting for the freeze with a temperature of 1-3 degrees Celsius. Rain in Kiev is not expected.

The forecaster predicts that the warming is around the corner and warmer days will come soon. Big rain will not.

Шапки долой: Диденко дала надежду украинцам, зима отступает