Have Elon musk has a competitor: space Flight becomes available

Space flight is still a distant dream for ordinary people. But the company Blue Origin has found a way out of this situation.

У Илона Маска появился конкурент: Полеты в космос станут доступными

Now the promoter of missions to Mars Elon musk has a competitor that can offer the ticket at the lowest price, through which space travel will become available. The representative of the company Jeff Bezos said that the price of such “trips” will be 200-300 thousand dollars. And, in his opinion, another chance for humanity to see the world from the side of the space will not. His direct competitor, Elon Musk, says Bezos, will be able to offer so low price for flights.

According to a representative of Blue Origin, the flight will take place in a capsule on Board which will be another 5 people. People will be able to rise to the height of 100 km above the Earth, where you will see that our planet is spherical in shape.

According to Bezos, in a capsule will separate cabins for each member of the expedition, as well as the portholes upright. Flight, according to preliminary data, will take 4-8 hours.

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