Have evacuated from China people do not have symptoms of acute respiratory diseases Goncharuk

У эвакуированных из Китая людей нет симптомов острых респираторных заболеваний - Гончарук

The Prime Minister stressed that the situation is under full control of the government.

All evacuated from the affected coronavirus of China in New Sanzhary in Poltava region “have been tested and do not have symptoms of acute respiratory diseases. People in complete safety.”

This was stated by Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk, reports TSN.

“Came here to make sure everything works. Talked to the people who are in the sanatorium. Made sure it has everything you need. The object is under the physical protection and medical supervision of infectious diseases. The situation is under full control of the government. On site for the protection of people remains 300 employees of the national guard, another 100 national guardsmen on standby. Natspolitsiya increased its patrols in the region,” – said Goncharuk.

He said that “three health workers who were evacuated with people during the flight, and remain with them. Plus with them on the territory of the place of observation will be another medic. Placed directly from any medical center staff or the surrounding contact will not be”.

The state border service officers issued 94 of people, who arrived by a special flight from China. On Board – 22 crew members and accompanying staff, as well as 72 passenger. Among the evacuated Ukrainians are a family with 8-year-old son, a young couple, 20-year-old students.

At 19:50 convoy of buses with evacuees from Wuhan Ukrainians and foreigners by protesters in New Sanzhary entered the territory of the sanatorium.

Protesters threw stones at the bus rocks. In one of the buses broke the glass. The people who were in the buses, in the window shown in response to images of hearts. Just arrived on seven buses.

In connection with the protests of local residents in New Sanzhary flew Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk. He also said that there will work operational headquarters of the government.

The Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov said that during the events in Novye Sanzhary seriously injured more than 10 police officers.