Have the answer why the Soviet Union was not cellulite

Появился ответ, почему в Советском Союзе не было целлюлита

Looking through old photographs, many can be noted that even in fairly lush girls and women of the Soviet era never had cellulite. What is the reason. And why do the majority of women and quite young girls now it is.

In those days there was no such strange requirements the woman’s beauty. No one treated so critical to yourself. As we are now. The lips not those of the eyebrow is not the same shape. In the Soviet Union was a fashionable natural beauty.

Only during the deficit Soviet women even know about such a word as cellulite. It turns out that the so-called unsympathetic hollows at the hips. There were also the first means that promises getting rid of this cover.

Many women began closely to examine ourselves. However, most of it really was not. The reasons are many. First, a regular and good quality food. The lack of widespread fascination with caffeine. Also women are much less likely to have consumed beer.

Heavy physical work, regular exercise. Trip to a sanatorium once a year. Where did the famous Charcot’s douche to everyone. All this made the appearance of cellulite is absolutely impossible.

On average, then, women walked about 15 miles a day and it was fine.

However, still some cellulite was. But it is not noticed and not considered a flaw. Cosmetic industry, which would have supported women doubt themselves simply did not exist.