“Have to kill because of global warming!”: Scientists have discovered an incredible phenomenon

"Стали убивать из-за потепления!": Ученые обнаружили невероятное явление

Climate change has led to fierce competition among the species

Ornithologists summed up a decade of observations of great Tits and their neighbors in the top. The shocking results were published in the National Geographic magazine.

As explained by a Dutch scientist, big tit traditionally lay eggs immediately after the onset of spring. When they take the Chicks from the warm Africa back Flycatcher-the lemmings. They occupy empty nest for breeding their own offspring.

Previously the birds were able to coexist peacefully and not to interfere in the reproduction period. But in 2007 researchers found in the nest tit a dead bird with serious injuries. The bird pecked the brain. As scientists have assumed, she was killed during the fight.

Since then and until 2017, the authors found birding in two national parks in the Netherlands. They noticed that Tits and began to brutally kill a fly that tried to take the nest. According to scientists, the fault of the violent clashes became climate change.

Due to warming winters in Europe were much softer. So many great Tits lay their eggs too late to the usual period. And flycatchers, in turn, started early to fly back from the warm lands, rebuilding their biological clocks with the increase of temperature. In the end, the breeding season coincides with the Tits. Currently, the fly-hard to find empty nests. In this regard, they try to get into the nesting boxes occupied by Tits, and meet aggressive rebuff parents.

According to ornithologists until the attack of the Tits is not have a big effect on the number of fly-lemmings. However, if global warming continues to progress, both types face a disaster. The winter will start to worry more Tits, their competitors will begin to come home early for winter. The first will start to noticeably destroy the latter. Because of the obvious difference in strength and size, flycatchers may disappear completely from the face of the Earth.

In January, an unusual natural phenomenon was observed in the vicinity of Kiev. At the wastewater treatment plant of waste water in Bortnichi, which is not bound frost, settled a flock of white swans and wild ducks.

The staff of the municipal service of “Kyivvodocanal” reported that the birds decided to stay on the pond to wait out the winter in Ukraine. They noted the stunning beauty of the flock of birds and was accompanied by the publication of a photograph of the swans.

"Стали убивать из-за потепления!": Ученые обнаружили невероятное явление

"Стали убивать из-за потепления!": Ученые обнаружили невероятное явление