“Have to shoot”: Poroshenko has made a dreadful statement about a new revolution

"Придется стрелять": у Порошенко сделали страшное заявление о новой революции

After the presidential elections Ukraine will lose six to eight areas, that will lead to a new revolution

So says the Deputy General Director of Ukrainian TV channel ATR, muzhdabaev on his page on Facebook, which is an active supporter of the incumbent President Petro Poroshenko.

Muzhdabaev published in the social network infographic the exit poll, where 42% of voters in the South of Ukraine support of the candidate in presidents of Ukraine from the party “servant of the people” Vladimir Zelensky. According to the same sources, in the East of Ukraine Zelensky support for 30.7% of the vote in the center of the country – 28,6%, in the West of 21.2%.

“Here’s a great card those with whom we live in the same country. It is a plain traitors. Those who hand over the country once or twice. Add to this voter Yulia Boyko, Vilkul and other stooges of Russia. No chance to beat them in the second round we have. It is absolutely unreal. Treachery will win with a probability of 100%,” wrote Muzhdabaev.

“I just talked at home with the combat commander. Probably have to shoot. When you shoot in the back, no other way. This means a new revolution, the victory of the patriots, but at the same time the loss of another six to eight areas. Unfortunately, the Pro-Russian majority leaves us no chance to escape, in addition”, – says the journalist.

Earlier it was reported that the turnout in the presidential election in Ukraine made up of 63.62%. It is worth noting that the best performance recorded in the Lviv region. There turnout was 68,36%. In second place is the Kiev to 68.14%. Third place went to the Volyn region (67,91%).

The worst performance, according to the CEC, registered in the Transcarpathian region. In this region, the turnout was only 48,84.

Recall that in the last presidential election held in 2014, the turnout was 59,48%.

"Придется стрелять": у Порошенко сделали страшное заявление о новой революции

"Придется стрелять": у Порошенко сделали страшное заявление о новой революции