Hayden panettiere celebrates birthday with daughter media

Хайден Панеттьери отпразднует день рождения с дочерью, – СМИ

Hollywood actress Hayden panettiere August 21, celebrated her birthday. However, the feast is not over: the star is eager to repeat the triumph with a 4-year-old Kaya-Evdokia.

As reported by insiders, People magazine, 30th anniversary Hayden panettiere met in a circle of closest friends. The celebration was not her boyfriend Brian Hickerson, who mercilessly beat her in early may of 2019.

According to sources, at a closed media festival, the actress decided not to stop. Soon Hayden panettiere plans to meet with a little Kaya-Evdokia and to celebrate her birthday. It is not known whether the anniversary of her ex-boyfriend Wladimir Klitschko.

Hayden is very cheerful and looking forward to a great next year — She’s a mom, and as soon as will have free time, spend fun time with my daughter. Do not rely on another relationship now, though she still fondly talks about Vladimir and loves her daughter
– told the insider.

Relatives of Hayden panettiere not keep his happiness from the fact that the star no longer sees Brian Hickerson. According to recent reports, the actress plans to move to new York where they will begin a new life.

“Her friends and family were worried for her for a long time. Now she needs to sort herself out,” added the insider.

What is known about the personal life of Hayden panettiere?In August of 2018 Hayden panettiere and Wladimir Klitschko unexpectedly announced the severance of relations. Common home the star decided quickly to sell, settling in Los Angeles. At the same time, his only daughter, the actress left in Ukraine with ex-fiance. Insiders told me that Hayden panettiere is temporarily stopped communicating with the child and quick-tempered Brian Hickerson not invited her to the USA. “The daughter lives far away, and because life is constantly changing, then it has other problems,” they said.

Boyfriend of the actress has settled with her in California. It was there and there was a terrible beating Hayden on may 2. After resting the pair returned home, however, before the door of the house between the lovers, a conflict broke out, and Bryan Hickerson came on to the girl with his fists. Now the court is considering a high-profile case of an attack, but relatives strongly advised the star to stay away from men.