Hayden panettiere in the second time became the victim of domestic violence, the boyfriend of the actress was arrested

Hollywood actress Hayden panettiere was back on the front pages of all Western media. Boyfriend stars Brian Hickerson the second time he attacked her and went into prison for it.

According to TMZ, Brian Hickerson again showed brutality towards his beloved. After the reunification of the couple allegedly restored idyll and demonstrate tenderness at the joint staff. However, the boyfriend Hayden panettiere once again launched an attack.

The incident occurred on Valentine’s Day. Police received a call that a private home in California clashed. When the police arrived on the scene of the fight, saw Brian Hickerson on the road. Aspiring actor said that Hayden panettiere closed in the estate, and not admit it. And the question was whether the domestic violence, he decided not to answer.

Law enforcement officers found the actress in one of the rooms. Person Haden had redness from bruises and was swollen. A fight broke out in the bedroom stars: panettiere said that the boyfriend suddenly started to push and beat. In addition, according to police, during the attack Brian Hickerson broke his wristwatch, from which the body of the actress traces. The aggressive man was immediately detained.

Хейден Панеттьери во второй раз стала жертвой насилия: бойфренда актрисы арестовали

Хейден Панеттьери во второй раз стала жертвой насилия: бойфренда актрисы арестовали

Boyfriend Hayden panettiere for the second time attacked her / TMZ

Himself Brian Giberson claims not to blame. He asked the investigators to interview for the private chef, who husband hired to prepare a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day. During operation, the mercenary heard the couple quarrel, but did not intervene in their conflict. The attack he had not seen since that time already left the house. According to the documents of the police, Brian Hickerson lashed out at the star after he was left alone with her.

What is known about the first beating Hayden panettiere?

As you know, in August 2018, the actress broke off the engagement to Wladimir Klitschko. The star left their 3 year old daughter loved and returned to Hollywood. A month after the break Hayden panettiere lit up with a new one. Realtor and aspiring actor Brian Hickerson was resolute in the relationship, so I offered her to live together. In the estate of her husband and was the first beating, which could end in death.

The attack on Heyden panettiere took place on 2 may 2019. After staying with friends the couple had a dispute, so they prematurely left the bar and went to his house. On the porch, a man began to beat the actress and dragged her home. Neighbors Hollywood stars who saw the attack, called militiamen, who arrested the sadist. It later turned out that the police found Hayden panettiere in one of the rooms of the estate. The star tried to hide from her beloved. On her neck was discovered the bruises that testified to the fact that Brian Giberson with the force of a strangled woman. With numerous injuries it was taken to the hospital.

I immediately noticed that she had a bruised eye and swollen face. Also could see the handprints on his neck, left side of the face. When I talked to her, she took off the sweater. Her hands were all bruised… He brutally beat her in the face, forcing him almost to fall. Third she was bleeding from the nose,
– told the police amber Findley.

And the next day after the arrest of Brian Giberson left to chance. Probably Hayden paid his Deposit and only a month after it first came with her boyfriend in paparazzi. For several months the court considered the resonant case, and relatives strongly advised the star to stay away from men. Hayden moved to new York and even had a few dates with the brother of Brian Giberson. In November, the pair has managed to resume the affair.

Хейден Панеттьери во второй раз стала жертвой насилия: бойфренда актрисы арестовали

Хейден Панеттьери во второй раз стала жертвой насилия: бойфренда актрисы арестовали

Hayden panettiere has resumed an affair with Brian Wickersham / Instagram /@brianhickerson