Hazardous to health who should not use honey

Опасен для здоровья: кому противопоказан мед

Honey, unlike sugar, is associated exclusively with health and proper nutrition. However, its use and associated risks.

The composition of honey, by and large, are carbohydrates, dissolved in a small amount of water. The main interest in it is fructose and glucose. People who struggle with overweight, it is important to know that glucose really gives the feeling of satiety and reduces appetite. But fructose has the opposite effect – very quickly after its use appetite comes to the fore.

“So use even a natural product like honey, it gently and in a small amount”, – stated in the message.

It should be remembered that it can provoke an allergic reaction, especially in those whose immune system takes giperreakcia on flowers, pollen or bee venom, and when a person has a fructose intolerance. In addition, this high-calorie product rich in carbohydrates, so it is not recommended for people with excess body weight in insulin resistance and several other diseases.

Do not eat honey (even in small doses, and diluted in warm water) in the morning on an empty stomach. Taking sweet on an empty stomach, we provoke a dramatic insulin spike, and then its sharp decline. The body for such action will first react with a rush of energy and vigor, but very quickly the person will feel weakness, fatigue and reduced work capacity. If you regularly take his pancreas (and it is responsible for insulin production) are “rollercoaster”, you can earn insulin resistance.

Eating honey, it is very important to be confident in its quality. A safe dose is considered to be 1-2 tablespoons per day.