He already knows his worth: Olga Cybulski on the work of Sergiy Prytula on the national selection Eurovision-2019

Он давно знает себе цену: Оля Цибульская о работе Сергея Притулы на Нацотборе Евровидение-2019

At the end of February 2019 in Ukraine was held the final of National selection for Eurovision-2019, which was held by Sergei Prytula. The show has acquired scandals, in particular, from-for unsuccessful jokes of the presenter. Singer Olga Cybulski openly commented on their colleague’s work.

Though the national selection has already died down in Ukraine, the show is still the top topic in show business. Many controversial statements sounded unprofessional Sergey Prytula. In particular, supporters of the Eurovision song contest-2019 stated that the showman was intolerant in dealing with the party of Andrew Hyatt and scandal Novel by Skrypnyk.

In an exclusive interview with reporters LifeStyle 24 asked the singer Olya Cybulski, as she assesses the work of a showman on the national selection. This artist responded quite philosophically.

I think that in every person’s life comes the moment when he thinks he can say anything, anywhere. This was the case. He has a certain confidence in the audience, a high level of trust among its supporters and among Ukrainians. I know Sergey for a long time, and he already knows his worth. But the more we know, the more we should doubt myself,
– said Olga Cybulski.

In addition, the singer explained why so many stars ignore the Eurovision song contest. According to Olya Tsybulskaya, participation in such a show is expensive, so many of her colleagues are investing these funds on their creativity.

“Everything is banal – it is expensive. In our country the artist is going to this event solely at their own expense. Those huge amount of money that you put in the ESC, in practice, can invest in yourself and career development. Many colleagues choose the latter,” added Olga Cybulski.

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