He called it a latent threat for muscle – 24 Channel

Лікар назвав приховану загрозу для м'язів - 24 Канал

Medic Andrew Blouson convinced that the world is a threat to the muscles, which is not always notice.

On this he wrote in Facebook.

We are talking about the surface level.


The doctor explains that, despite the fact that a smooth floor, walkway, corridor, look beautiful, the propulsion system is not adapted to the movement of smooth surfaces. But on the contrary, our system is adapted to uneven surfaces.

Without the proper system load balance and coordination premature atrophy, a person loses the plasticity and stability. With age, this can lead to increased brittleness and reduced quality of life.

Scientists have found that driving on rough and smooth surfaces is different. For example, the sand reduces the risk of injury, increases the power consumption during the execution of the same training volume, increases adaptation and better trains the balance.

Лікар назвав приховану загрозу для м'язів - 24 Канал
The sand reduces the risk of injury

Comparing two identical training program, training on sand can increase your maximum oxygen consumption than exercises on the grass.

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