He died last Sumatran Rhino Malaysia

Умер последний суматранский носорог Малайзии

In the nature reserve on the island of Borneo died amaterskog the female Rhino named Iman, who was the last representative of this species in Malaysia. According to LiveScience, 25-year-old female has long suffered from uterine tumors.

It is noted that the last time the disease started to progress, the tumor pressed on the bladder, and Iman was in pain. According to doctors, the animal died from the shock. In this state, the organs do not get required amount of blood and cease to function. During the illness of Iman lost about 44 pounds of weight.

About six months ago in Malaysia, died last sumatrensis male Rhino, who was 30 years old.

According to the International Union of wildlife in the world there are at least 80 species of Sumatran rhinos. The last population is divided into two subspecies, the Western Sumatran and Eastern Sumatran rhinos rhinos. This is the smallest of the rhinos: their growth does not exceed meters in length and four meters and a weight of 900 kilograms.

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