“He that crowed?” The network evaluated the response of Nigerian soldiers to undermine the IED

«Он что закукарекал?» В сети оценили реакцию нигерийских солдат на подрыв СВУ

African soldiers fit only to “read rap”, according to users.

For anybody not a secret that the armed forces of African countries… to put it mildly specific. In battle, they rarely demonstrate high training, courage or professionalism, but to the vanquished enemies, usually more than cruel. Typical African soldier is a man who saws off the front sight from your gun (not to interfere with the shoot), and killing the enemy eats his liver or heart, to “get his power”.

Of course, the armies of numerous States of the Black continent are actively in need of qualified military assistance from Western and Russian instructors. Teaching local war, those same instructors usually do not get tired marvel at the local “army color” and regularly post videos with funny accidents.

Another video from the African soldiers, “in all its glory,” appeared on the Internet today. On it, judging by the description, captured Nigerian engineers during training on working with explosive devices. As soon as the explosion, the soldiers EN masse jump out of its unsightly cover and start shooting in the air and rejoice as if it was something absolutely incredible. And one of them even begins to crow.

The strange behavior of the military has not escaped the attention of Internet users, who were quick to point out not only the strange sounds which were made by the soldiers, but the General “awkwardness” of their behavior.

Who the video was shot is unknown, however, given the calmness of the operator on the background of what is happening around the chaos, and that one of the Nigerian soldiers yelled something in Russian, the impression that the instructor in this case could well be our compatriot.

«Он что закукарекал?» В сети оценили реакцию нигерийских солдат на подрыв СВУ