“He worked to the last”: francescano told about the mass contacts the victim of the coronavirus

''Работала до последнего'': франковчанка рассказала о массе контактов жертвы коронавируса

A resident of Ivano-Frankivsk, who died from the coronavirus, worked to the last, and with many in contact.

This “the Country,” said a local resident Les. According to her, people are scared and need to check them out.


“People who communicated with them, frightened, require disinfection and testing. It’s frightening to think how many people could be infected. She worked at the plant for production of egg powder Imperovo-foods in Ivano-Frankivsk. It’s a lot of contacts, and products. My cousin worked with her on shift, says she was working to say to the last. And then I went to GP, she sent her home, saying to immediately called an ambulance. They say she suffered from hypertension and complained of heart,” said the girl.

The publication notes that the resident may have contracted from her husband, who returned from the earnings in the Czech Republic.

According to neighbors of the family, even after hospitalization, her husband was not isolated.