Head of Samsung personally went to Japan to resolve trade conflict

Глава Samsung лично отправился в Японию для урегулирования торгового конфликта

Sunday, July 7, the actual head of the conglomerate Samsung, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Lee Jae Yong personally flew to Japan to resolve the conflict with the supply of raw materials for semiconductor factories.

What happened? We will remind, the government of Japan has restricted the export to South Korea high-tech raw materials for production of chips and the other Samsung products. For example, OLED displays.

Stocks at factories Samsung. According to South Korean sources, in the factories of Samsung and SK Hynix could remain two-month supply of such important materials, such as photoresist, hydrogen fluoride, and fluorine of polamidon.

Who supplies Samsung. The supply of raw materials, the company Samsung in the overwhelming majority deal only with the Japanese company, which the government severely tightened the rules of shipment. By the way, the Japanese reported that the inventory of hydrogen fluoride from Samsung for a month, instead of two, which puts the company and the market memory in an even more difficult position.


The solution to the problem. To find ways out of the crisis, the South Korean government arranged a briefing led by the head of the Secretariat for policy under the President of the Republic of Korea and the Minister of Finance, who met with heads of companies of Hyundai Motor Group and SK Group and LG Group.

The head of Samsung, due to the departure, was unable to attend the meeting.

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