Head of SAP Holodnitsky told about a conversation with a prankster nicknamed Joker

Глава САП Холодницкий рассказал о переписке с пранкером по прозвищу Джокер

In the political arena of Ukraine, it seems, came the power that having the right information or predstavlyaesh such, can do as good work and destroy any character. While no one can assess the degree of awareness of prunerov and the identity of those behind them. But the results are sometimes impressive, because not too similar to the drawing.

The head of the specialized anti-corruption prosecutors Nazar Golodnitsky reported that corresponded with the prankster, who calls himself the Joker, and he promised him to provide the information collected.

“He said he was the Joker. Also wrote with photos of the attorney General, said he has a lot of information. On my request to give it properly, in an official order, he said not yet, but he is sure to do,” said Holodnitsky in the comments ICTV, reports.

Also Holodnitsky stated that he became aware of the attempts of Prancer play MPs on his behalf. In particular, on behalf of the head of SAP anonymous wrote the people’s Deputy from the faction of the Servant of the people of Yuri Kravchenko. But the prank failed at Kravchenkove was a real number Golodnitsky. In addition, the prankster wrote in Russian, and the head of SAP said that only the Ukrainian language in correspondence.

According to Golodnitsky, prank in Ukrainian politics – trend 2019, and they are not one person but a whole team.

However, this trend is not only Ukrainian. For example, in Russia, the media are “in the pay” special services, playing the famous persons all over the world, trying to put them in an awkward and frankly a no-win situation, and could, therefore to some realities.

Ukrainian media are in a somewhat different way.

To use the content of Prancer in criminal proceedings is not yet possible, the Prosecutor said.

Recall that the prankster, who calls himself the Joker, on behalf of the attorney General of Ryaboshapka Ruslan and the head of the office of the President Andrei Bogdan writes to MPs, government officials and mayors of Ukrainian cities. Among his victims deputies Bohdan Yaremenko, Michael radutsky, Nikolay Tishchenko, Vladimir vyatrovich, and others.

Radutsky and Tishchenko discussed with the Joker payments to deputies in envelopes, after which law enforcement urged to check these facts. Assistant Minister of infrastructure Alexander Kletino after correspondence with wag dismissed.