Head of the Department of the Zaporozhye University have been fined and fired for taking bribes from a student

Завкафедрой запорожского ВУЗа суд оштрафовал и уволил за получение взятки от студента

For successful passing of the winter session, the teacher of the Zaporozhye University received from a student of 8 thousand hryvnias. The court found her guilty of receiving a bribe.

The court delivered its verdict on 22 June. For obtaining illegal benefit by the official, using official receipt (paragraph 1 of article 368 of the criminal code of Ukraine), the court fined the employee of the University for 25 thousand UAH, with deprivation of the right to hold teaching positions in schools for 3 years.

The defendant pleaded not guilty, but the Prosecutor proved her guilt in receiving bribes.

According to the court register, it is about the teacher L, which is the head of the Department of accounting and taxation of the National University “Zaporizhzhya University”. In the record of the teacher the degree of doctor of science in public administration and a Professor.

As previously wrote 061, residents of Zaporizhia and region paid 50 million hryvnias of taxes.