“Heading for disaster”: the Ukrainians have begun to throw “problemi” in Slovakia

"Назріває катастрофа": українці почали масово кидати "євробляхи" в Словаччині

Ukrainians have begun to throw “problemi” in Slovakia

The subject
Auto “euromarch”

Only on the territory of a household of Alexanders Cpatsa unknown threw about 50 cars

Disaster is brewing in the Slovak village of Vobla, which is near the border with Ukraine. Since the introduction in Ukraine of new rules of customs clearance of heaven here just abandoned more than a hundred used vehicles with foreign registration. Small mountain village, where the lives of 800 people, was not ready to be piles of garbage from the Ukrainian problemer.

Hut Alexanders Cpatsa on the outskirts of the village of Vobla near the Slovak-Ukrainian border. Alexanders shows on machines that unknown threw on the territory of its household. They counted about fifty. Man proposes – Ukrainian workers, for which, in accordance with the new rules of customs clearance had customs to pay a Deposit.

The wife of Alexanders Ukrainian Svetlana is not so optimistic. Does not exclude that, for a number of cars in their yard they can be fined.

Says: “Environmental services of the Slovak Republic will not allow such unauthorized illegal Parking to keep cars for a long time. These are zeros, zeros, zeros that I’m even afraid to think about it. I really don’t sleep, I’m really worried, do not want to violate any laws”.

Don’t know how to help the situation with unauthorized Parking and the village head. This situation has caught local authorities by surprise. From the night of 25 November and began to massively leave the car.

“Go after lunch in the village and there is no one in the morning and find that there are already parked cars. And you don’t even know where they came from and who there at night drove. This is one of the problems. Another is that these cars are often dismantled for parts. That is, the parts of the car disappear, and the body in our village remains lying around as scrap or waste,” complains the Hope Serkova.

25 November in Ukraine has tightened legislation on the import of cars on foreign registration. Now customs need to make a Deposit in the amount of the importation of the car. When leaving the country, if the vehicle has not violated the terms of stay, the money will be returned.