Headphones affect hearing

Doctors say that modern man has much more trouble hearing than people of the older generation. All the fault turned out to be the fashion for using headphone for listening to music and movies.

Наушники пагубно влияют на слух

Excessive noise adversely affects the human ear. Each of us can deal with this type of “pollution” without even realizing its impact. Recall that this term is primarily associated with loud noise. Which emit different settings, children, transportation (planes and trains). Now, this category also includes the noise that one hears during the holidays – music, sporting events and more.

According to the data provided by the world health organization, more than one billion teenagers around the world can lose hearing as a result of frequent use of headphones. Experts warn that considered a safe way to use headphones with the volume 60% and it is possible to do no more than three hours a day.

If you do not adhere to such recommendations, the noise can damage not only hearing, but also to increase the production of stress hormones in the body, which is associated with high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and chronic diseases. The researchers who published guidelines for environmental noise focused on the European region. According to Agency estimates, about 40 percent of EU inhabitants were exposed to excessive noise level exceeding 55 decibels.

In addition to covering the above-mentioned health risks, they also recommend that the noise level of leisure does not exceed an average of 70 decibels for 24 hours a year.

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