Health 24: convenience, accessibility, reliability

Health 24: удобство, доступность, надежность

A good doctor is like gold, only to find it is not easy. To remedy the situation, and launched the Health service 24. It greatly simplifies the search of the specialist services or clinics for the patient. Also it can be used to sign the Declaration, to access your medical record (electronic medical record).


Health 24 is a cloud – based medical information service. It was designed by programmers together with doctors and heads of medical institutions, therefore, has a simple and intuitive interface. To get started, patients just need to sign up on the website – it is completely free and takes only a few minutes.

The objective of the scheme is to improve the quality and accessibility of medical care through automation of all processes. If the patient to make an appointment to see the doctor, it was necessary to call in the registry, then arrive early, get your medical records and go to a specialist, now just go to your personal Cabinet. Clinic or doctor, you can choose directly on the website (here describes the specialty of the physician, his expertise, services). In just a few clicks you can book an appointment.


Patient service Health24 is:

  • Time savings – on the specialist, upon receipt of the test results.
  • The most complete medical records. Through the professional development (doctors do not need several times to duplicate information by hand, as in the case of the medical record, they can use established templates), it is easy to understand diagnosis, appointment. Information is stored in 3 languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English.
  • Quality. The work of the service is based on the international standards of electronic medical records, medical uses generally accepted international classification. The attending physician and the patient have access to data anywhere and anytime 24/7.
  • Reliability. Minimizes the risk of forgery and data loss.
  • Convenience. The system reminds about the planned visits to a specialist, the need for supplementation, etc.

Also due to the optimization increases the speed of patient care – no need to wait until the doctor will record all necessary information in each document.

How to start using

To personally evaluate all the advantages of the service, visit the website and register. Look for a service, doctor or clinic ‘ section on the top right, or via our quick search. Most importantly, don’t forget to include your location (region, city, district) to selected clinics and medical centers that are near you.

The final step is to choose the right doctor and make an appointment online.

Health 24: удобство, доступность, надежность