Health information: effective tips that will help you not go crazy

Today to imagine life without the mad flow of information is simply impossible. The amount of information increases, but the ability to perceive and process almost unchanged.

Thanks to the advent of new technologies and the computerization of information has become an integral part of human existence, said the family doctor Vitaly Vasco.

Family doctor Vitaly Vasco

“Information is the “food” that your brain needs every day to not lose vitality”.

The basic rules of information hygiene

1. Turn on the mobile sound. Anyway, you often get it. Don’t worry, nothing important you don’t miss out. But it won’t be like Pavlov’s dog every time reach in his pocket to review the notice. By the way they also disconnect. They are distracting, so take the time to work with a smartphone.

2. Remember, you are not required to be constantly connected. And can answer calls when it is convenient, an exception may be, if required by your job.

3. Do not carry a smartphone with them around the apartment: bathroom, kitchen, toilet. Search for a specific place and use.

4. Control your time in front of the screen. If it is difficult to control yourself, use special software.

5. Remove from a smartphone “application toxic”, which kill your time.

Информационная гигиена: действенные советы, которые помогут не сойти с ума

Информационная гигиена: действенные советы, которые помогут не сойти с ума

Smartphone difficult to focus

6. If you can’t control yourself and constantly reach for a smartphone, something to replace the action in the real world: pause before you take smartphone.

7. Start your morning without a smartphone. Remember, there are things more important and useful: meditation, exercise, toilet, shower, makeup and the like. To put in order you have of yourself, not a smartphone.

8. Don’t eat the screen for 1-1. 5 hours before bedtime. Book at bedtime – where the best kind of information.

9. Do not try to write everything down only to the phone. In this world still have notebooks, notepads, diaries. Normal handwriting has a positive effect on your psyche and improves efficiency.

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