Healthcare reform is about money: how to earn doctors

Медицинская реформа в деньгах: сколько заработали врачи

The national health service since its launch listed medical institutions and private doctors are more than 6 billion 100 million hryvnias for the maintenance of patients. Journalists 24 channels analyzed – in some regions of Ukraine most actively involved in the work of the reformed primary health care and how much so could make doctors.

What is the national health service – is a Central Executive authority, providing financial guarantees of public medical care. Subject to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. NSSO – national insurer. Contracts with healthcare institutions and buys their services for the health care of the population. Monitors compliance with the terms of contracts and making direct payments to institutions for providing citizens with services.

As we thought

All the information about the amount of money we took on the official website of NSSO under “contracts”. There is regularly updated information about what amount and to whom was transferred from the state budget for the treatment of Ukrainian patients. We have calculated for the period from July 2018, 14 February 2019.

What we saw

In this infographic, we considered the total amount of money received from Dazzleby all public, private medical facilities and doctors-FLP, providing services for primary health care. Saw that not all regions are equally earn. It depends on the number of medical institutions, and the number of patients. Due to this margin leads Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkiv regions.

In Kiev medical institutions “primary” earned the most

Analyzing how you earned for the six months of the reform of the private hospitals and clinics, saw a different picture. The most active were private medical institutions of Zaporizhzhya, Sumy, and Dnipropetrovsk regions. And the amount of money earned by physicians-FLP – the absolute leader in the region, and catching it in Transcarpathia. Thus, the doctors are entrepreneurs out there to earn more capital.

In the Lviv region and Transcarpathia private doctors earn more in Kiev

Earnings of doctors-FLP after medical reform – tangible evidence of the success of this reform, at least for doctors. Five of them now gets income of more than 100 thousand hryvnia per month. Yes, the money received FLP-doctors is not a doctor’s salary and all his income. Which can be spent at the discretion of the physician: the contents of the Cabinet, payment for services of hired staff, purchase medical equipment or drugs. But including the salary of the doctor. And getting more than 100 thousand can afford to pay much higher average for the industry (according to Ukrstata on average, doctors earn in Ukraine 7340 UAH, as of December 2018).

Private doctors receive income by more than 10 times more than the average for the health care industry

Медицинская реформа в деньгах: сколько заработали врачи

Медицинская реформа в деньгах: сколько заработали врачи

Медицинская реформа в деньгах: сколько заработали врачи