Healthy or unhealthy lifestyle does not affect the possibility of getting cancer

Здоровый или нездоровый образ жизни не влияет на возможность заболеть онкологией

About the causes and nature of cancer told known Israeli oncologist Zvi Bernstein at the First forum of cancer patients, which was held February 3 in Kiev.

Cancer is a process in which our family is absolutely normal and healthy cells, some turn into a tumor.

What distinguishes healthy cells from tumor?

Normal cells have a certain lifetime, whereas tumor cells produce special proteins that make them “immortal”. They can endlessly multiply.

Second, the start-signal. Healthy normal cell begins to multiply when the body gives the signal “go”. Tumor cells do not need such a signal, they are their own masters.

Stop signals: normal cells at some point stop dividing after receiving the signal “stop” from the body, tumor cells, this signal is ignored.

Planned cell death. The ability to “self-destruct” characteristic of a healthy cell, cancer cells do not obey the signals of suicide and continue to share.

The ability within yourself to develop blood vessels – possess only the cancer cells. Thus, they can deliver inside the new nutrients resulting in its expansion.

So why do we get cancer? Why there are mutations?

Probably we have all heard the story about someone’s grandfather all my life kreplenii drank port wine and smoked “Belomor”, worked in hazardous work, but was completely healthy and died at the age of 97 years accident insurance. And at the same time, we hear about the strong athlete of thirty years, who regularly trains, not getting out of the gym, adhere to a healthy lifestyle, etc., suddenly gets cancer. Why did this happen?

So, there is a theory called the good luck – bad luck, ie: lucky – no luck. The scientists who designed it found that the risk of cancer depends on the number of divisions of stem cells: the higher it is, the higher the risk.

In 66% of cases, mutations are random. Do not depend on the environment, not of heredity. So remember: nothing that you did or did not provide does not make you responsible for your illness.

Yes, the lifestyle also plays a role in the mutations of cells, but quite small. The same applies to the inheritance – only 5% of cancer cases occurred for this reason.