Heat and cost. How to choose the right heater

Тепло и экономно. Как выбрать правильный электрообогреватель

The heaters are unable to provide high-quality heating of the room.

The end of October, according to forecasts of weather forecasters, promises to Kiev tangible temperature reduction. Prudent owners are already preparing for the cold and choose heaters that give preference to more energy-efficient.

Which heater is better to choose to not only heat, but also economically beneficial, as told in “Kiev energy services.”

When selecting a heater, consider the area and power consumption.

Convector heater included in the list of the most energy efficient. Besides, he:

  • quickly heats the room;
  • does not pollute the air;
  • suitable for wall mounting;
  • safe to use.

Convector heater, depending on model, uses 0.5 kW? h up to 1.5 kW? h. If you use it every day for 6 hours during the month it accumulates 90-270 kW? h

About the same consume infrared and ceramic. It is better to warm them large rooms and offices, and the room drafty.

An oil heater is quite expensive to use – the device consumes an average of 1.5-2.5 kW? kWh of electricity (270-450 kW? h per month). However, it is often chosen because even after turning off the room for a long time remains warm.

Most “gluttonous” – heater, which only heats the part of the premises and consumes from 2 to 4 kW? h (360-720 kW? h per month).

We should not forget about the rules of use of the heaters:

  • avoid getting liquids on the appliance;
  • do not cover it during operation;
  • keep the device at least 50 cm from furniture.

“Electric heaters, despite their popularity, are unable to provide high-quality heating of the room. To start, we suggest to conduct an energy audit to identify causes of heat loss and to pay more attention to integrated methods for insulation of premises: replace Windows and doors, fully insulate the facade of the building”, – said the Director of “Kiev energy services” Viktor Melnikov.