Heating tariffs in Ukraine 2019-2020 much to complain about if the batteries are cold and when I wait for the heat in the apartments, kindergartens and schools – in the material Editor

Тарифы на отопление 2019-2020 в Украине, куда жаловаться, если батареи холодные и когда вообще ждать тепла в квартирах, садиках и школах - в материале Главреда

Heating Kyiv in 2019 will receive soon.

Just today, the Deputy head of the KCSA Petr Panteleyev complained about his sistence that the problems associated with the beginning of the heating season 2019, and can’t resolve due to the inability of the Kiev city Council to obtain a quorum for the next meeting.

Whether the heat in the homes of Kiev this winter depends on whether it will be possible to purchase the necessary volumes of gas and fuel oil for the entire winter for the enterprise Kievteploenergo, said Panteleyev.

When the heating in Kiev 2019

Due to the weather in Ukraine in recent days, many Ukrainians are waiting for the start of the heating season, as manna from heaven. Many increasingly think that the failure from the Central heating – a great way.

Anyway, the heating season in Ukraine will start when:

  • the average daily temperature fell below +8 degrees centigrade and kept at this level for at least three days – beginning of the heating season;
  • more than three days above +8 degrees – the end of the heating season.

If we talk about the calendar dates, that is not later than 30 April and not before October 1.

The deadline for the start of the heating season, according to the Cabinet decision no later than 15 October, which is still almost a month.

Heating in Kiev due to the cold snap is expected in early October – as in kindergartens, schools and apartments.

When the heating in the river 2019

In the river the situation is aggravated by debts of the Dnieper TPP: she owes Naftogaz UAH 1.5 bn. Great and the debts of citizens for utilities.

Hence the bleak forecast: heat in the apartments of the Dnieper is expected only in early November, 2019.

When you include heating in Kharkov 2019

In Kharkov 2019 heating is expected in early October. But a number of local towns have also accumulated huge debts. Therefore, in the Kharkov region in the heating season possible problems.

When you include heating in Odessa 2019

Read tkjacobsen threw the reins on the heating rate for Ukrainians: detaliame one sore point on the map of Ukraine is Odessa.

Odessa CHP last year, the heat paid only 74%. If the Cabinet adopts a law on the supply of heat when you pay at least 78% – nothing good locals don’t Shine (and not warm).

Until the advent of heating in Odessa 2019 is not expected before October 15.

Heating tariffs in Ukraine 2019-2020

Tariffs for heat 2019-2020 in Ukraine are as follows:

  • when the prescribed counter – 1400 UAH per Gcal;
  • without the counter – 35,21 UAH per “square” housing.

In some areas the rates are regulated by local governing bodies – but the installed CMU the limits they exceed not eligible.

What should be the rate of temperature in living and utility areas in Ukraine to 2019

In accordance with article 20 of the law of Ukraine On housing and communal services the temperature should be:

  • the living room is above 18 degrees,
  • the corner of the living room – not below +20 degrees
  • in the bathroom – at the level of 25 degrees.

In the entrance of the normal temperature, according to the law, +16 degrees, in the Elevator is enough for +5 degrees, in the basement and in the attic even less to +4 degrees.

In the gardens the temperature is also clearly regulated by law:

  • nursery bedroom – 21 degrees, and for preschoolers – 19 degrees;
  • games and locker rooms – 22 degrees for nursery and +20-21 degrees for preschool;
  • bathrooms nursery – +22 degrees, preschool – 20 degrees;
  • medical center – 22 degrees;
  • in music classes, sports halls – 19 degrees;
  • pool school +29-30 degrees.

In schools allowable temperature:

  • training classes – +17-18 degrees;
  • workshops, libraries – +16-18 degrees;
  • gyms – +15-17 degrees, changing rooms with them – +19-23 degrees;
  • clinics, washrooms – +-23 degrees;
  • Assembly hall – +17-20 degrees;
  • toilets +17-21 degrees;
  • closet area – +16-19 degrees.

Where to complain if the batteries are cold

If the room temperature is below normal, the consumer is entitled, by law, to reduce the payment by 5% for every degree.

Minimum temperature for the living room below 12 degrees, and in the corner – below 18 degrees. In these figures the consumer has the right and even for the heating not to pay.

Before that, about the problem you need to inform the provider in writing or orally.

In particular, in Kiev such is Kyivenergo, in other cities – their urban institutions.

The client invites the representative of the executing Agency for the preparation of the report (written in free form). To be on the call, the representative is no more than two working days.

The act is considered valid even without the signature of the representative of the Executive of the organization – enough signatures two or more users: the tenant, say neighbors.

In the statement of claim shall contain:

  • the type of violation,
  • start date failure to provide services, or the date on which they are provided is of poor quality,
  • period problems
  • its duration.

The document must be drawn up in two copies for the contractor and for the consumer. The original is sent to the heating system of a particular city or village: can be given in the hands of representative institutions when it came to the challenge, or if he doesn’t come, to send by post.

The decision on the allocation generally shall be made within three working days: approval or denial. In the latter case, the consumer has the right to go to court to appeal the decision.