Heidi Klum – 46: supermodel responds to criticism

Хайди Клум – 46: как супермодель отвечает на критику

June 1, the famous German top model Heidi Klum celebrated his 46th birthday. Despite the age, the star leads an active life, continues to work in modeling and even nudity. In social networks users often criticize her, paying attention to how many model years, and suggest to look for a more decent occupation.

Previously, the model spoke about negative reviews in the program “the Ellen DeGeneres” reports Elle.

As you know, Heidi Klum is the face of their own designer lingerie line Heidi Klum Intimates and other brands. So often a celebrity posing for the camera in sexy outfits.

All I advise you to find another occupation. At such moments, I think about the women who are 50, 60, 70… Do we have a shelf life and after a certain age we can no longer feel sexual?
– indignantly said Heidi Klum.

According to the model, it will continue to be photographed in their underwear, because adult women can advertise clothes.

“Do grown women can’t act in a commercial? That’s why I’m naked,” said Heidi Klum.