Hell flight Sheremetyevo: Russian TV channels dedicated tragedies only 10 minutes of airtime

Адский полет Шереметьево: российские телеканалы посвятили трагедии лишь 10 минут эфира

No hurry to update the information told in passing and I didn’t make the news of the day. Yesterday the tragic news of the landing of the plane in the Moscow airport “Sheremetyevo” was “shook up” information space, though the Russian channels covered the disaster with reluctance. More interest traditionally shown to the Affairs in Ukraine.

This was a speech in the program “the First about the main thing” on channel ZIK.

Tragic landing of the aircraft occurred at 18:30 Moscow time. Despite this, the evening news themselves Russian media events pay only small plots. So, on “NTV” viewers are informed about the crash three times in the air, however limited to short informational messages. But the story about the issuance of Russian passports to residents of ORDO takes a third air.

But the channels “Russia-1″and “First” accident “Sheremetyevo” seemed important enough to put the number one news. So talk about it only after a review of events in Venezuela.

Journalists of one of the publications even has estimated that total Sunday night, the Federal channels dedicated to the tragedy of only 10 minutes of time. This angered the Russians themselves – those are a angry comments like:

“I was already shaking from anger! Include this horrible sambacana, with the hope that at least in this case common sense will prevail… But no. The main news – Venezuela. I wish them all to be in the tail of the burning plane!”

By the way, despite the disaster, a TV program on the three Central “buttons” has not undergone even the slightest change: after the news on the planned TV series and movies. In General, do not hurry to inform the audience and the true scale of what happened. Blue screens within a few hours after the tragic landing avoided the terrible figures on the number of the dead passengers. Called real only then, when neglected official data was impossible.

We will remind, in the crash of passenger plane Sukhoi Superjet 100 in the Moscow airport “Sheremetyevo” killed 41 people.

Anna Bezugly, “the First about the main thing”