Hell strengthen the immune system and heal wounds

Хрен укрепит иммунитет и заживит раны

Medicorum continues to talk about the beneficial properties of horseradish.

As told by the experts, not without reason since ancient times, our ancestors used like hell in Russian cuisine and folk medicine. It contains a huge amount of aromatic substances, essential oils and vitamins.

It strengthens the immune system and affects nearly all organs of the body. At the root of horseradish contains mineral salts, mustard oil and a special ingredient – sinigrin. Thanks to this substance the fuck is able to enhance the digestion.

Experts are warning about a feeling so how the hell did not eating with spoons, it can be used only as a Supplement to main dishes.

Another amazing property has a horseradish root. Due to the fact that there are a lot of natural antibiotic lysozyme, it was used to cleanse open wounds and for healing.