Hellfire engulfed the tourist epicenter: the first details

Адское пламя охватило туристический эпицентр: первые подробности

The fire covered a huge area, people fled in panic from the place of incident

Large-scale fire induced a lot of noise in the country, particularly alarmed tourists and family vacationers who are waiting for travelers at home.

Rescuers said that the fire engulfed the popular tourist Chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok.

Write about it in the international media:

“The fire went to the area ten shopping malls. A huge column of smoke visible for several kilometers around.”

It is known that conducted a large-scale evacuation.

“All visitors and employees of the market are taken from the place of incident”, – said the local operatives.

It is also known that firefighters have managed to contain the further spread of the fire, but the threat of new fires is very high.

Information about the victims of the fire yet.

Recall that frames a large-scale emergency that has engulfed one of the most famous cities in France, Bordeaux is just staggering. Firefighters can not cope with what is happening, smoke clubs continue to get out of the building.

In the underground Parking lot caught fire, which led to mastana fire.

“According to preliminary data, reports of smoke were received after 20:30 local time (21:30 Kyiv time). The place was immediately sent 32 fire trucks and 100 people rescuers. Because of the dense smoke and high temperature inside the underground structure of the fire on the third floor managed to get only a few hours later” – referred to in the message of emergency services in the region.

As previously reported, in Russia, broke out a large-scale fire, because the fire element there entered emergency mode.

On the territory of Baikal region (Russia) has imposed a state of emergency due to severe fires that erupted in the region.

As a result of the disaster suffered 289 people, including 39 children. 108 people were evacuated. Currently in temporary accommodation are 78 people, about it write the Russian media.

Also Politeka wrote that the charred corpse of the businessman was found near Kiev.

Адское пламя охватило туристический эпицентр: первые подробности

Адское пламя охватило туристический эпицентр: первые подробности