Henry Cavill has added to the game The Witcher 3: photo

Генри Кавилла добавили в игру The Witcher 3: фото

After Henry Cavill was approved for the main role in the series “the Witcher”, the network began to appear dissatisfied comments of the fans of the game The Witcher. But not so negatively perceived appearance of the actor in this role: enthusiasts have released a mod in which he replaced the usual Geralt a Hollywood star.

Anything else the mod does: it is still a favorite of many, The Witcher 3, but with Henry Cavill.

The details of the modification. It turned out quite a convincing, so now you can’t tell if serial the Witcher is not like the game. Perhaps this technique will help gamers to get used to the new appearance of your favorite character.

Генри Кавилла добавили в игру The Witcher 3: фото

Henry Cavill in the game The Witcher 3

Where to download the mod? Custom modification is available for download here.

Correction of gamers. In comments contradictory: one idea relished, and others, on the contrary, did not like that the star of the movie “man of steel” pronyl their favorite game.

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