Her heart failed suddenly died the participant of the Moscow half marathon

Не выдержало сердце: внезапно умер участник Московского полумарафона

During the Moscow half marathon has died 51-year-old runner Vladimir korchevsky.

19 may it became known that in Moscow, died one of the participants of the half marathon mass race past Kremlin walls and embankments in the centre of the Russian capital.

According to the organizers of the competition, Vladimir Korchevsky was dramatically bad, after he ran a distance of 10 kilometers. The man overcame her for 57 minutes, 27 seconds, finished and got their reward for participation. When he went home, his condition suddenly deteriorated. On a place of incident urgently arrived the ambulance but despite desperate attempts by doctors to revive the man he died on the spot. According to information announced by the media, the runner died as a result of acute heart failure.

The Moscow marathon is the largest half marathon of the route measured and certified by the Association of international marathons and distance races (AIMS). A prerequisite for admission to the race for its members is “permissive” medical certificate. At the event, be sure the doctors on duty medical emergency.

Note that today there is medical evidence that cardio in form of running can be dangerous for the heart. While running may occur a condition in which the heart muscle will not have time to pump necessary amounts of blood, which can lead to a lack of oxygen (hypoxia). Scientists have concluded: for every person there is an upper limit to the intensity of physical load, after which the health benefits of ends.