Here is a twist: Fopam banned the use of funds in business Bank accounts

Вот это поворот: ФОПам запретили пользоваться средствами на бизнес-счетах в банках

The Ministry of digital transformation, together with the relevant Committee has prepared a new draft of the tax reform. It is reported that we are talking about IT companies, which is planned to introduce a fifth group of single tax.

According to UBR, the national Bank of Ukraine has introduced a new ban on the Ukrainian natural persons-entrepreneurs (FLP).

It is reported that January 3, 2020, entered into force amendments to the Instruction on the opening and closing of Bank accounts. From this date the FLP is prohibited to use the funds on the business accounts for personal use.

Under the new rules, entrepreneurs will need to transfer money to a separate account if they want to use them for non-entrepreneurial purposes. However, such actions may be carried out after payment of all taxes, fees and other payments according to the legislation.

It should be noted that this information appeared in August 2019. However, the national Bank of Ukraine stated that the rule will bear technical, clarifying in nature and will not lead to any changes for the NPE.

The NBU then clarified that the existing requirements and so provide for the opening of separate accounts for entrepreneurs to use the funds for their own needs.

According to the data, in 2019, the number of individual entrepreneurs increased by 2%, and enterprises at 4%.

Also “the Wall” wrote that on January 9, 2020 Ukraine will start beta testing a new free service tax application of RRO. Through an open application programming interface interacts with the tax service server, and provides: the formation, signature, sending and issuing of receipts of the established format, as well as opening and closing of the shift, viewing data and other operations. Software RRO will issue electronic receipts and transfer to the server sneaks information about all transactions performed.

Вот это поворот: ФОПам запретили пользоваться средствами на бизнес-счетах в банках