Here is a twist – what will now be done Melitopol “Our” after the statement Murewa

Вот это поворот - что теперь будут делать мелитопольские «Наши» после заявления Мураева

Another unexpected “a feint ears” issued to another candidate – a young and promising Eugene Moore. He withdrew his candidacy in favor of opublikowa Alexander Vilkul.

– I withdraw my candidacy in favor of Alexander Vilkul, – said Moore at a press conference.

He also said that the party Opposition bloc and “Our” are going to unite.

It is noteworthy that in Melitopol “Our” was headed by the Deputy of the city Council Vladislav Sakun, who previously was a member of the faction “opposition bloc”. Disagreeing with the destructive policy pursued by the leader of the faction Galina Danilchenko and party patron Evgeny Balitskii, Vladislav Sakun moved away from the opposition, along with Vitaly Cobcoe.

Later melitopoltsy learned that Vladislav Sakun headed the local cell of “Our” in Melitopol. And at the party Congress in the ranks of “Our” lit and Vitaly Kobcka.

In the room of the veterans policy was organized by the headquarters of the party, renting premises, conducted an independent policy. And here is the main patron of the party “Our” gave to his followers an unexpected “surprise” – he said the merger with the opposition bloc. What will be the reaction of the local “Our”, we’ll see.