“He’s not going anywhere”: the interior Ministry has predicted, how much more will hide in the woods “Poltava terrorist”

"Никуда он не денется": в МВД спрогнозировали, сколько еще будет прятаться в лесу "полтавский террорист"

The adviser to the interior Minister admitted that “the Poltava terrorist” is not all right with the psyche.

The adviser to the interior Minister Mikhail Apostol believes that the active phase of the operation to arrest “Poltava terrorist” Roman Skripnik will end soon.

He said this on air of the channel “Ukraine is 24”.

“All the information about this person is, all relatives found. Law enforcement agencies cordoned off everything, everything is monitored by cameras, he’s not going anywhere. Each area is divided into squares, and each division has a square. But it’s summer, the greenery around in the woods – not so clean, the forests as before. Hide in the forest, in principle, simple. But this (finding the fugitive – ed.) a matter of time. Well, whatever – another day, another two…” said the Apostle.

In the opinion of the adviser, Skrypnyk “came out” or kill myself.

“He will come himself, he rethinks that is not going anywhere. It will be like a hunted wolf there to run, how much it will run. Or will end my life… More than that, somehow, one gets the impression that if he steals cars, if there was a danger of life when he pulled the pin and basically this all started – he understood those things were,” said the adviser.

The Apostle admitted that “Poltava terrorist” is not all right with the psyche.

“And I think if he has the mentality, know, today, we spring suddenly switched to summer – the complications such people. In principle, and to commit suicide. Most likely, if he is so afraid to go to jail, and the reason for this was, that he might commit suicide: drowning, hanging myself…” said the Apostle.

The suspect went outside the city, left a car and a hostage, and then disappeared. His search continues.

Upon capture of the hostage militiamen opened criminal proceedings under three articles – attempt on life of the employee of law enforcement body, the seizure of a law enforcement officer hostage and unlawful use of ammunition. The Skripnik threatens till 15 years of imprisonment.

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