Hezbollah is on the verge of bankruptcy: the terrorists have cut wages

Хизбалла на грани банкротства: террористам урезали зарплату

US sanctions against Iran and its satellites in the middle East Hezbollah plunged into the worst crisis in the history of this terrorist organization. The crisis intensified in late 2018, when it was introduced the actual embargo on Iranian oil exports, writes News.

Surrounded by Sheikh Nasrallah fear that Iran, faced with economic collapse, will cease to pay Hezbollah a subsidy of $ 700 million per year. Funding for Shiite terrorists came mainly from oil revenues.

According to experts, now the amounts that deliver to Beirut aircraft from Iran halved. It is not surprising that Sheikh Nasrallah spoke about “financial Jihad” and began to raise funds to support the resistance (in Lebanon this collection is open).

Sanctions are applied to Hezbollah not only indirect but also direct damage. The US administration has become tighter control of the channels of financing of terrorists. Closed accounts businessmen convicted of transferring money to Hezbollah, arrested several sponsors of the organization and financiers involved in laundering capital for Nasrallah.

For the first time in 36 years of its existence Hezbollah has dramatically reduced the size of payments to its fighters. Those who are constantly serving in the armed forces, the salaries reduced by one third, the reservists – half.

At the same time abolished social benefits for the insurgents – in particular, free public transport and free distribution of medicines.

Organization created in Lebanon a real economic Empire, is forced to sell the property in its main Outpost of the southern neighborhoods of Beirut. Closed many institutions that provided social assistance to insurgents and members of their families.

Us sanctions hit by the propaganda machine of Hezbollah. Reduced the salaries of the employees of the TV channel “al-Manar” and the radio “An-Nur”, dozens of journalists and technical workers sacked.

Economic isolation of Iran is not the only cause of the crisis Hezbollah. Terrorists are costly to the direct support of the Assad regime in Syria, which they provided in 2012. On the Syrian adventure, which has led to serious losses in the ranks of the fighters had expended a lot of funds, and Iran today are not able to cover these costs.

Nasrallah have no money left to keep his promise to financially support the families of 2000 terrorists killed in Syria. From Lebanon reports that payments to families of martyrs cut. The commanders of the forces of Hezbollah stationed in Syria, sending fighters to Lebanon on unpaid leave.

Hezbollah is forced to fight for survival. From the hopper Hezbollah still sound bellicose speech, but the question of a new confrontation with Israel is actually removed from the agenda. The American policy of economic strangulation of Iran and supporting terrorist organizations not only bear fruit, but also enjoys significant support in many countries in the middle East region. It is hoped that this policy will eventually Deplete Hezbollah.