Hidden camera in the decollete and massage therapists on the “Gelandewagen”: the journalists about the stories behind the scenes

Спрятанные камеры в декольте и массажисты на "Гелендвагенах": журналисты об историях за кадром

When a journalist develops a topic, said the figure examines shematz, writes the text, or chasing involved – it is to remember the story. But, if you ask, what is memorable to the journalist, he’ll tell some stories from filming. Journalists “Bihus.info” decided to recall the most interesting stories that was over.

“I’ve never met a masseuse at the “Gelandewagen” under the house helper”

Alexander Kurbatov: It is. We were shooting a story about the estate on Trukhanov island, where he lived Alexander Tkachenko, “public Servants”. There we talked with the owner of this house with the guards. They said, “shame on you, this is the house for maintaining water sports, for massage therapists, for athletes, for physicians.”

We just filmed a Comedy and out of this estate “G”. It ran up the guard and warned that we shoot. “Gaelic” turned and ran.

We then “massage” waiting for even an hour – can leave. But the therapist was late. Maybe doing massage at the guard, I don’t know.

Alice Yurchenko: And how did you realize that this massage therapist?

Alexander Kurbatov: We were told that the athletes are already there now, but it was amazing, even for doctors, to massage therapists athletes. But athletes there and we decided that it was the therapist, apparently, leaves.

“I’ve never seen or seen your helper naked”

Valery Ivanov: the Story began with the fact that we very often send various messages to your work email and some more or less adequate, we check. And here we are, the audience wrote that he often saw mercenaries Medvedchuk on Trukhanov island.

We thought that maybe there could be a location and decided to check. Launched the drone, saw two places where you are likely to be a training base, and went to check.

The original plan was this: we found these two places, so we’ll watch day and night, to compare these cars with those who came to the office Medvedchuk and prove that there is their training base. And then decided to just go check to knock the gate and ask the people what there is.

We went there with our videographer Rustam, knocked, and we opened a man in a t-shirt with the Chevron “Storm” – mercenaries Medvedchuk. When I started to ask: “have you Seen any mercenaries of any security of the company, which has here the place of deployment?”, The man was assured that no, these are not seen standing in a t-shirt with this Chevron.

And then he shut fast the gates and to me the conversation went two naked men without shirts.

“I never hid the camera in the neckline operator”

Marina Anciferova: Not that I wanted to test breast size my operator, but we had such a situation. We shot in Saint-Tropez beach party Andriy Dovbenko, which then came Andrei Bogdan. We understand that it is necessary to remove, but we couldn’t physically do, because I always went the guards around this beach club.

We knew that we must somehow gently to remove it, but to pretend that we gently lie, sunbathe at 8 PM when it was already dark, it was not very natural.

I’m from the hair of the operator Ani filmed all the guests, because the guards couldn’t see it. And when they came to us, I quickly hid the camera in her cleavage, they did not notice anything.

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Спрятанные камеры в декольте и массажисты на "Гелендвагенах": журналисты об историях за кадром

Спрятанные камеры в декольте и массажисты на "Гелендвагенах": журналисты об историях за кадром

Спрятанные камеры в декольте и массажисты на "Гелендвагенах": журналисты об историях за кадром