Hidden features button reset trip odometer

Скрытые возможности кнопки обнуления суточного пробега

Any driver knows that during use of the vehicle the dashboard displays all important information to share with him.

It helps to assess the condition of the vehicle and track its behavior on the road. With a variety of buttons, levers and switches easy to adjust all features of the car, as it is called. Few people know that on the dashboard there is a button that allows you to reset the indicators of the daily run.

Even fewer motorists operates with information that with the help of this widget is easy to learn interesting information about the own vehicle, for which in the automotive services will have to pay a lot. What is valuable in this button and how to use it correctly?

Real benefit. An important skill for any experienced driver, the correct interpretation of data obtained through indicators on the dashboard of the car. That is a skill that greatly simplifies life for all owners of modern vehicles. The reason for using the obtained information easy to monitor the real status of all devices and components of the machine and to capture the moment when something goes wrong. To simplify this task, you can use a special program embedded in the memory of the instrument panel.

This program can conduct an independent analysis of the functioning of all systems and features of the vehicle, without the need for constant surveillance over them.

Usually this option is used to verify that the indicators on the taskbar. After all, if at least one of them fails, the driver will know accurate information about the possible damage some part of the vehicle, for example, miss the point of overheating the motor, causing the car can be an expensive repair.

How to use? Activation buttons for the Autonomous diagnosis is simple. All you need to hold for a few seconds the key responsible for the daily run of the car, ignition on, and then let her go. After some time on the dashboard should illuminate all the working indicators. If any of them is activated, he finds in a failed state.

It should be clarified that in cars of different brands and manufacturers for self-diagnosis system can be answered by other switches. Typically, such a duty is imposed on key daily run, but not necessarily. Specific details about these functions are described in the operating instructions of purchased vehicles.

This method of obtaining information about the real condition of the vehicle can be called the most accurate. In any case, the resulting data will not differ from those, what do you say to a HUNDRED after a paid diagnosis. So why spend a lot of money for something you can do yourself and for free?