High-rise building with tenants suddenly collapsed: impressive shots

Многоэтажка с жильцами внезапно обрушилась: впечатляющие кадры

In the North of the country collapsed nine-storey residential building

Rescuers evacuated from the emergency building 46 people, seven of them children.

It is reported that the incident occurred in the North of Moldova in the city Attack. There was a partial collapse of apartment buildings, local media reported.

“The collapsed nine-storey building from the first to the ninth floor. According to preliminary data, victims are not present”, – reported a press-the Secretary of the Department of emergency situations Ministry of internal Affairs of Moldova Liliana puscasu.

According to her, rescuers evacuated 46 people, including children.

Part of residents of damaged high-rise buildings will be placed in temporary housing, the other part is sent to live with relatives. President Igor Dodon promised to help those left without shelter.

Dodon on the social network Facebook said that urgent is going to the Commission for emergency situations. “Very well, that time reacted and managed to quickly evacuate residents. There were no casualties. All County services have been alerted,” said the head of Moldova.

The cause of the accident is still unknown.

Prime Minister Maia Sandu on his page in Facebook reported that at the government meeting on 20 June to discuss the incident. “We will discuss opportunities to support people who have suffered and remained without housing, and are investigating the incident,” wrote the Prime Minister.

As previously reported, the frightening incident occurred on the eve of the collapse of the bridge a few cars lightning crashed into the water.

On Friday, June 14, the collapsed portion of the bridge Dongjiang, resulting in at least two cars fell into the water. It is reported by Xinhua: “At least two cars fell into the water, however, the exact number of dead and injured is still unknown”.

It is known that the accident occurred at 02:12 local time. It is also known that one person was saved, however, the exact number of victims is still unknown. At the scene, conducted search and rescue operation. The investigators themselves note that the incident large-scale and elimination of its consequences will be long. Perhaps people were under the rubble or drowned – a terrible fate, for sure, “buried alive”.

The cause of unhappiness was the bad weather over the past week, heavy rains caused floods in some areas of Guangdong province, including the city of Heyuan.

Многоэтажка с жильцами внезапно обрушилась: впечатляющие кадры

Многоэтажка с жильцами внезапно обрушилась: впечатляющие кадры