Himself operator: how to improve the quality of shooting with quadrocopter

Сам себе оператор: как улучшить качество съемки с помощью квадрокоптера

Despite associated with the coronavirus of difficulty, a trip to the cottage or on the environment remains a popular way to spend a weekend or summer vacation. Fans take their rest on the camera can improve the picture quality and the number of angles using the quadcopter. Under the cut is an inexpensive model with decent battery life and recording 4K video, which will handle even a beginner.

ToySky S162

Quadcopter equipped with a camera with a wide-angle lens and image stabilization function, capable of recording video in 4K resolution. With the help of mobile apps made with the height of the pictures and videos can be viewed in real time on the smartphone screen. Especially for beginners, provides for the “headless” control mode: regardless of the position of the drone in space, its direction will coincide with the operator’s command (forward, backward, left, or right).

Another useful feature of the model is the mode of altitude holding, which allows you to not worry about compliance with the air corridor: you have to manage only turns. Using the function “Track flight” you can draw a route on the smartphone, and the copter will independently fly along a predetermined path. And for moving subjects useful to follow: it is enough to specify the drone “goal”, and he will accompany her at a fixed distance.

Thanks to the folding design of the machine does not occupy much space in the bag during transport. The maximum flight time of the model at a “gas station” is 18 minutes and a full charge of the battery is 180 minutes. For convenience, take-off and landing both operations can be done with one click.

Buy quadcopter ToySky S162 at JD with showcases OZON is 12 852 of the ruble.


Compact foldable model equipped with two cameras. The main is able to record 4K video, and the auxiliary on the bottom of the case allows you to look down from a height of flight of the device. The picture is thus displayed on the screen of smartphone in real time.

Quadcopter suitable even for beginners – with a “headless” mode it is easy to manage, without losing direction, as a function of drawing the route directly on the screen of the gadget will allow you not to worry about the loss of control in the air. The lower chamber also serves as the optical sensor for the stabilization of the apparatus.

With Smart Follow the unit yourself will be to keep in the frame even moving the subject, and the taking off and landing at a given point are a single button and do not require advanced piloting skills. Full charge of the battery device is enough for 18 minutes of flight. A useful feature of the model is a function of the gesture recognition at a distance of three meters: it is enough to wave to the drone, so he quickly snapped a picture.

When you order a JD through the interface of the online store OZON is buying drone will cost 8115 rubles.

The above prices are valid at time of publication, the number of products is limited.

Сам себе оператор: как улучшить качество съемки с помощью квадрокоптера

Сам себе оператор: как улучшить качество съемки с помощью квадрокоптера

Сам себе оператор: как улучшить качество съемки с помощью квадрокоптера