His wife was not allowed into the hospital: there are details of death Proskurina

Жену не пускали в больницу: появились подробности смерти Проскурина

The widow of actor managed to speak to him the day before the tragedy.

Soviet artist Viktor Proskurin died alone. To him in the house were not allowed even his wife Irina Honda. The widow of the actor shared details of his last conversation with her husband.

The artist confessed: when Proskurin got sick, she was in another city. Soviet actor was hospitalized at the end of may, the wife was also in Saint-Petersburg and could not find a husband in a Moscow hospital.

Then the honored artist was in intensive care, but the spouse it is not allowed. Honda added that it was even willing to get a job as a cleaner in the hospital to be with my husband, but it was useless.

According to her, the couple spoke twice daily by telephone. When the actor was in intensive care again, to talk with the artist he has not given.

The day before death she managed to speak with her husband. “Honda, just ask the E., where I can find”, – quotes Irina’s last words told to her by the actor. Facebook she explained that E. is head of the intensive care unit.

“There was fury at the situation and despair. It was!”

– concluded the artist. She admitted: it is terrible when it is not possible to be with a loved one.

Viktor Proskurin, died June 30. At the hospital, he was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. According to the widow, all tests for coronavirus were negative. Farewell to the actor will be held on Saturday, July 4.