“Hispanola” Volochkova? Pugachev in the Kremlin called a controversial ballerina

«Хайпанула» на Волочковой? Пугачева в Кремль позвала скандальную балерину

Herself a Diva wearing a tutu, making the head a couple of tails as a schoolgirl.

Tonight in the Kremlin held a concert in honor of the 70th anniversary of the prima Donna of the Russian platform Alla Pugacheva. Tickets for the concert of the legendary artist cost not so little, but there were enough people willing to pay any price in order to again see and hear Dolly parton. While it was rumored that the concert was in exactly in step in order to cancel it, because the singer needed an operation on his throat. However, the star was successfully operated in Israel, but she instead modestly to speak to the audience and to retire finally giving them the view that it is paid for it of tens of thousands of rubles.

Creative nature 70-year-old actress, here it is carousing in a big way, because not only did she appear in some strange way – in a red tutu and pigtails, like a schoolgirl – so still and was invited to the Kremlin scandalous ballerina Anastasia Volochkova. That in poison-green suit did the splits on stage! Have hispanola whether Pugachev on Volochkova? Oh Yes, and very good, because of the appearance of prima, whose name was recently associated only with the scandals, nobody could have expected. Diva if I wanted to prove to everyone that she was “still life in the old dog” and it can also be interesting and unpredictable. It is worth noting that she managed that well enough.