Historic train route Berlin-Prague-Vienna will work again

Исторический железнодорожный маршрут Берлин-Прага-Вена снова заработает

Closed in 2014, the railway route from Berlin to Vienna via Dresden, Prague and Graz he started to work again thanks to plans to reduce the level of harmful emissions in Europe.

This route appeared in 1957, it cruised comfortable trains Vindobona, named after the Roman settlement which stood on the site of Vienna. The Vindobona Express was a model of comfort of your time: in the first-class carriage had a shower, before the introduction of the Euro on Board the train took four currencies: German and East German mark, the Czech crown and the Austrian Schilling. This train often traveled diplomats.

On Board the new train has a play area for families with children, outlets, and free Wi-Fi, food and drinks, and room to transport bikes. A non-refundable rate Super-Sparpreis from Berlin to Prague can be reached within 19,9 euros, and Vienna for 26 euros is almost 2 times cheaper than the normal flight (excluding discounts and benefits), writes evropul’s.

The launch of the upgraded train was planned at the beginning of may, but due to epidemiological measures and closed in this regard, the boundaries it was moved to the end of June. Buy a ticket for any part of the route on the site of one of national railway company: Deutsche Bahn (DB), the Austrian Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) and Czech Czech Railways (CD).

“Renaissance” of Railways in Europe is due to the EU’s plans to achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 – that is, to reduce these emissions so that they will naturally be absorbed and will cease to accumulate in the atmosphere. For example, in Sweden over the last 10 years passenger numbers on the Railways grew by 28% over the expense of air travel for short distances.