“Hit the rail” – experts dispel the top five myths about the AK

«Пробивает рельсу» - эксперты развеяли пять самых популярных мифов об АК

The Kalashnikov is a truly legendary weapon. It has a long history, becoming the most common weapon of the 20th century. Not surprisingly, around it appeared a lot of legends and myths, which were told by the experts.

So you don’t need to be cleaned. Of course, the Kalashnikov is the most reliable assault rifle in the world, however, even such a reliable and simple mechanism requires regular cleaning, otherwise the machine may start to run much worse due. On the other hand, to achieve the full output of the machine down really hard – even if the automation stops to work – you can always continue shooting with manual reloading.

AK breaks the rail. Until recently, it was a myth, however, the new cartridge 7Н39 “pincushion” breaks in the fence to 30 millimeters of steel that allows him to really “break the rail”. So now it’s not a myth, but it is reality.

AK unchanged. Many believe that AK has remained unchanged since its invention, but it is not. Even at the competition stage the design several times radically changed, and what happened in the end, constantly fine-tuned. AK with each generation becoming easier, more convenient, more reliable. System modernizarea now on arms comes the newest version of the AK-12, which even look very different from its ancestor.

AK copied from the German “shturmgevera”. This myth has been repeatedly refuted by many experts. In spite of the external similarity, the machine radically different from each other.

AK went into mass production in 1947. It is considered that the AK is so simple to manufacture that it immediately began to produce large quantities. It is not, at the time of its creation, the machine was revolutionary and demanded the highest quality workmanship. The first samples were cut from a single piece of metal that required a lot of time and was quite expensive. It took two years to mass-produce, and even then sometimes there were accidents.

Of course, in the world there will be new myths about our legendary machine, however, one can say with certainty that AK will not forget and it will forever remain one of the symbols 20, and maybe 21st century.