Hitler everywhere – shocked tourist Souvenirs in Europe

Гитлер везде - туристку шокировали сувениры в Европе

A tourist from the UK has found in the Italian the gift shop bottles of wine and mugs and wine bottles with images of Adolf Hitler and the symbols of the Third Reich. About it writes Daily Mail.

French teacher from North Yorkshire Angela Thompson took pictures of the Souvenirs in the shop in the popular resort of Lido di Jesolo, in the vicinity of Venice. On the mug with a value of 5.9 euros (about 160 UAH) was the inscription Tazza del Fuhrer (“the Circle of the Fuhrer). On bottles of wine, 10,5 euros (about 280 USD) – inscriptions Sieg Heil and Ein Folk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer (“One people. Country. One Fuhrer”).

Angered by what he saw, the British published a photo in Twitter. “I knew that fascism is on the rise, but nonetheless was shocked to see it in the local store,” she wrote.

Earlier it was reported that the court asks “Gromadska” to pay the radicals are over three thousand allegations of Nazism. It also became known that the coast of Antarctica found a submarine of the Nazis.