HIV-AIDS: good to somebody a myth or a real threat? – 24 Channel

ВИЧ-СПИД: выгодный кому-то миф или реальная угроза? - 24 Канал

A scientist, a virologist at the University of California Peter Duesberg proves to everyone that AIDS doesn’t exist.

Many in this world incomprehensible, but rather to the end we don’t know anything at all. Here is one of those murky things in the world today is HIV-AIDS. I imagined this abbreviation is very stereotypical and even feared. And now decided to find out. Versed, versed in this very dark problem, and to the end and did not understand what was expected.

Now’s how: if you’re at least a little closer closer to the truth, then all – you are now “white crow”. And nobody is going to listen, no matter how great a speaker you were. And may you have good evidence and arguments, and you may be right a thousand times, but until the man himself is something you do not understand, or rather until it will not reach – you will remain “the black sheep” in this, to be honest, a bit grim world.

Here, for example, continuing the theme of HIV-AIDS, one of the scientists, a virologist at the University of California Peter Duesberg, proves to everyone that there is no AIDS. That is just stereotypical and a lot who benefit from abbreviation – in fact, only a set of long-known diseases. And that man with the seal of the HIV, not the virus hurts, but simply different. And just as everything was before: before, according to the scientist, and invented the terrible HIV-AIDS. But so says a scientist who, incidentally, has long been anathematized and excluded from all sorts of academic councils, working on HIV-AIDS.

Studying this problem, I have instead of answers there are more questions. For example, to assess how HIV affects the health, doctors use an indicator such as the number of CD4 cells. The past informs how strong your immune system. CD4 cells, sometimes called T-helper cells is white blood cells responsible for the immune response to bacterial, fungal and viral infections. So, in this regard, I found it very strange that the performance of CD4 cells from the same person vary a lot. Although the analysis took almost one and the same day. The thing is that the test on the number of cells of people passed in different places and even cities. Because no one I seem to have decided to understand: what is going on? But if this figure is very significant, then why is he so different? Whether labarotory leads, or even something incomprehensible. I’m telling you – there are more questions than answers.

Many claim that HIV-AIDS does not exist – a myth. If so, then this myth many earn billions. But here it is not even about the money, although it’s very serious. If in fact, no HIV-AIDS does not exist, then it is very cruel. If only the conspiracy of the majority of scientists and pharmaceutical companies hate sick people and even healthy people, it is disgusting.

Do you understand what it is: so far, wrote virologist Duesberg, human immunodeficiency virus no one can allocate, to show and provethat he really exists. Although, perhaps, no wonder Dusburga excluded from vsevozmozhnyh academic councils. Maybe it really pseudo? Moreover, employees of AIDS centers assure that HIV really exists. And what they saw firsthand and see how the people infected with this vermin, but not receiving appropriate treatment, was wasting away and wasting away before our eyes.

Today on the search for a vaccine against the virus produce a lot of money. Every month people read the new note that the elixir was found against HIV. Everyone is looking for allot of money, some of which, of course, is not at the address, and vaccines.

And what do the people who have been found HIV infection? Yet they have to take very toxic for the body antiretroviral therapy. By the way, in some cities of Ukraine for all HIV-positive not enough free tablets. People have to pay for far the cheapest treatment, in particular, to order drugs abroad.

Apparently, HIV really exists. But why around this issue so much “for and against”, so many inconsistencies in terms of analysis results, so much hype about the alleged vaccine has already been invented… again more questions than answers.

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